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Video Spinn is an easy, yet full sed}, desktop computer app (for both Windows as well as Mac) that lets you to create hundreds-- even thousands-- of one-of-a-kind video clips with just a couple of mouse clicks. Video Spinn can create randomized slideshow video clips utilizing folders of images and/or video. These are perfect for SEO, YouTube domination, offline customer commercials, video customization, affiliate marketing via video, video clip branding, keyword targeting, and also next much more! We're finding new uses each day.

It's so simple ... You provide the app your folder of web content, select the number of images/clips find more info to use in each video clip, min and also max time for each my explanation image/clip to be revealed, what changes to make use of, what optional watermark to utilize ... you could also assign an introductory and/or outro video clip to tack onto each slide show, plus a folder to pull arbitrary music tracks from. Inform additional reading it the number of videos to crank out, click the Spin switch, and Video clip Spinn starts downing out unique randomized videos.

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